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Commodity Specific Website Memberships

If you buy, sell or trade any of the commodities listed, you may benefit from membership to one of these commodity specific sites.

Each site contains buy/sell/trade listings for a particular type of commodity.

Membership within one of these sites will give you the ability to view the contact information for any existing listings contained within the site in the categories included in that site.

NEW buy/sell/trade listings that are submitted into the individual sites will be sent to members of the site by email. The email that members receive will include:  the details of what the customer wishes to buy/sell/trade and the contact information as it is submitted by the lister (i.e. name, address, phone number), with a link to send the lister a direct email reply.

Members also have the ability to post their own exchange listings for items they wish to buy/sell/trade and receive all replies to these listings from existing members and non-members during the duration of the membership.

Choose a Commodity:

Metals Group
WEEE Scrap
Scrap Steel
Scrap Copper, Brass & Bronze
Scrap Zinc, Tin & Lead
Gold, Silver & Platinum Group Metals
Hi-Temp Alloys & Stainless Steel Scrap
Aluminum Scrap

Non-Metallics Group
Rubber Scrap
Plastic Scrap
Textile Scrap
Mineral Recovery
Glass Recycling
Wood Wastes
Paper Recovery

Reuse Group
Salvage, Used Building Materials
Surplus Inventory & Reusable Items

Membership Website Commodity Type/Category Monthly
Prepaid Mineral Recovery $100 $1000 Precious Metal Scrap $75 $750 Scrap Glass, Fiberglass Recycling $65 $650 Waste Paper Recycling $100 $1000 Rubber Reclaim $125 $1250 Salvage, Used Building Materials $50 $500 Scrap Copper & Scrap Brass $100 $1000 Aluminum Recycling $65 $650 Plastics Recycling $250 $2500 Hi-Temp Alloys & Stainless Steel Scrap $80 $800 Scrap Steel & Iron $85 $850 Surplus Inventory & Reusable Items $50 $500 Electronics Scrap $125 $1250 Textiles Recycling $125 $1250 Wood Waste $125 $1250 Zinc, Lead & Tin Scrap $95 $950
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