Nathaniel's Scrap Notes provides a scrap price summary for the past 12 months

Waste Textile Prices

Mixed Rags ~ Uncut
Uncut Rags ~ White
Uncut Rags ~ Single Color
Uncut Rag Stock ~ Synthetics
Sorted Rags ~ White
Sorted Rags ~ Single Color
Sorted Rags ~ Mixed Color
Sorted Rag Stock ~ Synthetics
Flocking Rags
Wipers ~ White
Wipers ~ Single Color
Wipers ~ Mixed Color

Used Clothing
Mixed Used Clothing
Mixed Used Clothing ~ Thrift Surplus
Mixed Used Clothing ~ Retail Returns
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Winter Mix
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Summer Mix
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Tropical Mix
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Mix Woolen Knits
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Mix Worsteds
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Woolen Overcoat
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Leather Jackets
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Other Leather Clothes
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Mix Synthetics
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Blue Jeans
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Vintage
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Coats
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Hats
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Gloves
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Mens
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Womans
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Maternaty
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Childrens
Sorted Used Clothing ~ Infant
Surplus & End of Line Clothing
Used Workwear ~ Uniforms
Used Workwear ~ Gloves

Used Footwear
Mixed Used Footwear
Used Footwear ~ Men's Workware
Used Footwear ~ Men's Formal Ware
Used Footwear ~ Woman's Fashion Shoes
Used Footwear ~ Leather Boots
Used Footwear ~ Children's Shoes
Used Footwear ~ Sports Footwear

Cotton Waste
White Cotton Clips
Colored Cotton Clips
Mixed Cotton Waste
Cotton Fiber & Thread Waste
Denim Scrap
No.1 Denim Clips
Cotton Blend Clips
Scrap Cotton Blends

Wool Waste
Mixed Wool Stock
Wool Fiber Wastes
Mixed Wool Knits Scrap
Rough Worsteds Scrap
Rough Wool Overcoating Scrap
Used Clothing ~ Woolen Knits
Used Clothing ~ Worsteds
Used Clothing ~ Wool Overcaots

Burlap Waste
New Burlap Clipings
Old Burlap Bag Scrap
Assorted Rope & Twine Scrap
Jute Scrap
Sisal Scrap
Hemp Scrap

Leather Waste
Leather Clippings Scrap
Leather Remnants
Leather Grindings
Used Leather Clothing ~ Jackets
Used Leather Clothing ~ Boots
Used Leather Clothing ~ Other

Carpet Waste
Mixed Carpet Scrap
Nylon Carpet Scrap
Polypropylene Carpet Scrap
PET/Polyester Carpet Scrap
Scrap Carpet Pad
Raw Shredded Carpet
Liberated Carpet Fiber
Liberated Carpet Backing Powder
Compressed Carpet Pellets

Bag Recycling
Used Flexible Intermodal Bulk Containers
Used Jumbo Bulk Bags
Used Cotton/Canvas Bags
Used Burlap Bags
Used Fruit & Vegetable Bags

PU Recycling
Mixed PU Foam Scrap / Postconsumer
Sorted Preconsumer PU Scrap
Baled Preconsumer PU / Prime Scrap
Chipped PU Foam
PU Foam Granules
Thermal Condensed PU Blocks
TCPU Regrind

Polyester Recycling
Polyester Staple Fiber Scrap (PSF)
Polyester Yarn Scrap
POY (Partially Oriented Yarn)
SOY(Spin Drawn Yarn)
Polyester Tyre Cord Scrap
Polyester TOW
Woven Polyester Scrap
Woven Blends/Polyester Scrap Fabric
Cotton / Polyester Clips
Mixed Recovered Fiber (Polyester/Blends)
Recovered Polyester Fiber (Mixed Denier)
Siliconized Regenerated Fiber
Non Siliconized Regenerated Fiber
PETG Polyester Colored Scrap
PETG Polyester Colored Regrind
PETG Polyester Colored Repro
PETG Polyester Clear Scrap
PETG Polyester Clear Regrind
PETG Polyester Clear Repro
PET FR Polyester Scrap
PET FR Polyester Regrind
PET FR Polyester Repro
PBT Polyester Colored Scrap
PBT Polyester Colored Regrind
PBT Polyester Colored Repro
PBT Polyester Clear Scrap
PBT Polyester Clear Regrind
PBT Polyester Clear Repro
PBT FR Polyester Scrap
PBT FR Polyester Regrind
PBT FR Polyester Repro
PCT Polyester Colored Scrap
PCT Polyester Colored Regrind
PCT Polyester Colored Repro
PCT Polyester Clear Scrap
PCT Polyester Clear Regrind
PCT Polyester Clear Repro
PCTA Polyester Colored Scrap
PCTA Polyester Colored Regrind
PCTA Polyester Colored Repro
PCTA Polyester Clear Scrap
PCTA Polyester Clear Regrind
PCTA Polyester Clear Repro
PCTG Polyester Colored Scrap
PCTG Polyester Colored Regrind
PCTG Polyester Colored Repro
PCTG Polyester Clear Scrap
PCTG Polyester Clear Regrind
PCTG Polyester Clear Repro

Nylon Waste
Mixed Woven Nylon Scrap
Mixed Nylon Filament Scrap
Nylon Drool, Purgings & Scrap
Type 6 Natural Nylon Scrap
Type 6 Natural Nylon Regrind
Type 6 Natural Nylon Repro
Type 6 Colored Nylon Scrap
Type 6 Colored Nylon Regrind
Type 6 Colored Nylon Repro
Type 66 Natural Nylon Scrap
Type 66 Natural Nylon Regrind
Type 66 Natural Nylon Repro
Type 66 Colored Nylon Scrap
Type 66 Colored Nylon Regrind
Type 66 Colored Nylon Repro
Type MXD6 Nylon Scrap
Type 11 Nylon Scrap
Type 12 Nylon Scrap
Type 46 Nylon Scrap
Type 610 Nylon Scrap
Type 612 Nylon Scrap

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